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Tora Black Belt AcademyŠ Scotland

Beginners Always Welcome!
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 SCHOOL RULES and Etiquette

  • Do not use your skills to hurt or deliberately injure anyone
  • Do not teach anyone without Hanshi’s direct permission
  • Never seek revenge
  • Do not be lazy in your training
  • Never bully anyone
  • Do not steal
  • Be modest
  • Be humble
  • Never take or have anything to do with illegal drugs
  • Do not brag about your skills
  • Always conceal your weapons in a appropriate bag when going to and from class
  • Be on time for class.
  • Bow on entering and leaving the Dojo.  Respect all members of the class.
  • No smoking, drinking or eating, chewing gum etc. in the dojo.
  • No jewellery should be worn whilst training, if unavoidable should be taped up.
  • Greet your fellow students quietly and don’t talk during instruction.
  • When resting, always sit crossed legged or in the kneeling position (Seiza) around the edge of the dojo, never with your back resting against the wall, or in a slovenly manner.
  • During training if a student has to leave the training session (feeling ill, to use the toilet, or has to leave before the end of the session) you must always ask the permission of the instructor or a senior grade
  • Always wear a clean gi (kit) – (unless you have just started tracksuit and t-shirt is ok)
  • You must have an up to date licence.
  • Grading is not automatic to anyone. Progress must first be assessed by the instructor.
  • Dojo fees and grading fees must be paid by the stated deadline (again in special circumstances talk to the instructor).  It is back luck and bad manners not to pay your fees.  If your in the dojo and the Hanshi or appointed instructor is present fees must be paid. 
  • When told to do so line up quickly and quietly in grade order



Karate Terminology


Fudo Dachi (Forward stance, bent back leg)

Zenkutsu Dachi (Forward stance, straight back leg)

Kokutsu Dachi (Back Stance, all body weight on back leg)

Hachiji dachi (Natural stance feet shoulder width apart)

Heisoku dachi (Closed foot stance feet together)

Kiba dachi (Horse riding stance feet parallel)

KOSA DACHI (Crossed-Leg Stance)


Punches and strikes

Oi-Zuki (Front Punch)

Gyaku-Zuki (Reverse Punch)

Tettsui-Uchi (Side Fist Strike)

Teisho barai (palm sweep)

Uraken-Uchi (Back Fist)

Hiji ate (Elbow strike)

IPPON NUKITE  (A stabbing action using the extended index finger)

KIZAMI ZUKI (Jab Punch.)




Mae-Geri-Keage (front Snap Kick)

Yoko-Geri-Keage (Side Snap Kick)

Fumo- komi (Stamp Kick, Side/Front)

Mawashi geri (roundhouse kick)

Hiza geri (knee kick)

ushiro geri (spinning back kick)

Yoko kekomi geri (side thrust kick)


Age-Uke (Upward Deflection Block)

Gedan-Barai (Downward Sweeping Block)

Ude-Uke (Middle Sweeping Block)

Shoto-Uke (Knife hand Block)

Uchi-Komi (Inward Sweeping Block)

Moroto-Uke (Reinforced Block)

Juju-Uke (X-Block)

KAKE-TE  (Hook Block)




Kata Names and the order you learn them

Shoto-Sho Shoto-Dai (Two man kata)

tekki shodan




Tekki Nidan


Tekki Sandan

  1. Taikokyu Shodan  
  2. Taikokyu Nidan
  3. Taikokyu Sandan
  4. Heian Shodan
  5. Heian Nidan
  6. Heian Sandan
  7. Heian Yodan
  8. Heian Godan








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